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Today I have a day off from work and decided to sit down and think about what I could write here.

Apologies it has been another long break since my last post. Having read back on that post, I was just starting to work for Apple. Nearly nine months later, I would like to update you all on my experience so far.

The last nine months since I started working for the biggest, richest and most desired company I have felt a real change in my work life. It is a place I want to be and enjoy working in. I feel privileged and lucky to be where I am. Not only am I working as a technician, but I also facilitate some of the Today at Apple sessions we hold in all Apple Stores around the world. Mainly based on the photography themed ones, it is a great way to show off my passion for photography to the general public as well as my peers.

In other news I have also been working on my Personal Performance Diploma (also known as Coaching). I am halfway through my journey and also really enjoying working with some great clients out there. For those of you not familiar with the coaching process, to put it simply, it is a service offered to people who want to achieve something new or different in their lives but are not sure how to get there. For example, career change.

I look forward to writing soon.


A long awaited hello.

Hello dear followers,

It has been over a year since I posted my last blogpost! The last year has been busy doing all sorts of things. I have started a Personal Performance Diploma which is a qualification that teaches you about life coaching and achieving ultimate goals through the GROW model.

In addition to this, I have also recently started a brand new job working for Apple. This is the next big step in my career and I am enjoying every minute of it! I can’t wait to get started to share my experiences with you all.

So, as you may have noticed, I have stepped away from the photographic industry, for now, but will continue to keep up to date with new kit and and changes within the industry.

In the meantime please follow my Instagram and Twitter pages for more frequent updates.

Thanks ūüôā

Filters on the Thames

I recently helped to run a LEE filters day organised by my company and run by landscape photographer Paul Sanders. This was a day’s event which people could sign up to and consisted of using camera filters such as the graduated filters, LITTLE stopper and BIG stopper. These are essential tools for any landscape photographer to gain correct exposure when shooting sky, land and sea.

Our session took place along the river Thames, starting off at Westminster and walking along the South Bank finishing off by the Tate Modern. Even though I was helping out, answering questions from the students, I decided to also have a go at the different locations.

My kit contained:

  • Canon 1DX MK II (Canon’s new 4K DSLR)
  • Canon 24-70 f/2.8 MK II lens
  • Canon tethered remote control for long exposures
  • Gitzo Explorer carbon lightweight tripod and Manfrotto¬†496 ball head
  • LEE filters- BIG stopper (10 stop filter) and a range of .3, .6, .9 soft and hard graduated filters

Here are some of my best images, edited using Capture One Pro 9 and Adobe Photoshop CC. The exposure ranged from 5 seconds to 2 minutes.

Please ask if you have any questions about using LEE filters or any camera setup.


New Commission

I recently undertook a studio photo session with a banker friend of mine who wanted some clean professional headshots of himself for social media. I really enjoyed shooting in the studio after some time, playing around with the lighting setups. The images where shot using¬†a simple three light setup, 3×3 Profoto softbox on an infinity cove. They were shot with a Canon 5D Mark III and a super sharp 85mm f/1.4 lens.

Check out a couple of the best pics here: http://sorab.bhote.org/



LEE Filters workshop

I was lucky enough to attend a workshop put together by LEE Filters, a company base in Andover who manufacture lens filters and lighting gels, and run by landscape photographer Jeremy Walker.

The location of this workshop was on the Isle of Portland, Dorset. We were blessed by a clear sunny day, albeit slightly chilly! The idea of the workshop was to get to grips and experiment using the various filters LEE manufacture, from polarisers to Neutral Density filters. This was right up my street as I love to shoot by the coast and I enjoy focusing on the landscape.

Throughout the day we went to three different locations: Chesil Beach, Portland Bill and Pulpit Rock. At each location we concentrated on using the most appropriate filter, dependent on location of the sun and subject matter. For example, when we started off in the morning, the sun was behind us, so the use of a ND graduating filter was enough. But as the sun came around to 90 degrees to our subject matter the use of a polariser was necessary to remove reflection from shiny surfaces and increase colour saturation and highlight, especially on cloudy skies.

I was most impressed by the ‘Big Stopper’ filter the reason for this name will be apparent to like-minded photographers. But it is designed for long exposure shooting, it adds 10 stops to your image to produce stunning flow and motion to landscape shots. Even if shooting directly into the sun, you can expose for 30 seconds as the filters is blocking a lot of light from entering the lens.

Overall, as a landscape photographer I was really impressed by the results I achieved. It was a fun-filled day being able to play and experiment to my own devices. I would like to thank LEE filters and the team as well as Jeremy Walker for all the top tips and training.

Below are some results using all the filters mentioned above.

Bulgaria 2015

So, it has been a very long time since my last post. But I thought it was time to share my latest news.

I recently went to Bulgaria with my girlfriend. Located in Eastern Europe near Greece, Turkey and the Black Sea, Bulgaria has a lot of natural beauty including caves, waterfalls and mountains and sea. So for me it was paradise and I felt excited to shoot the landscape as well as the detail within. The country still has a lot of communist buildings and you can easily see the poorer regions from the slightly more wealthy.

Our eight day trip started in the capital of Sofia and we slowly made our way to the East and the Black Sea via the Balkan mountain range and central Bulgaria. Driving there was a great option once you start to get used to the Bulgarian way of driving!

Lovech, central Bulgaria was our next location which has an ancient fortress and is a beautiful town located on the River Osam. Whilst we were there we visited two caves and a waterfall. The first was Saeva Dupka, which was named after two brothers, Seyu and Saev, who used it as a hiding place during the Ottoman occupation of Bulgaria. These caves are used for music recitals and host a large number of rooms and steep levels. The next cave was Devetashka Cave, which was a place like no other. The cave was very open and it felt like you were on the surface of the moon with the grey dust on the ground. The cave is home to some 30,000 bats but unfortunately we did not see any. Devetashka Cave is also famous as a filming location for the 2011 film The Expendables 2. 

Lastly, were the most gorgeous, scenic waterfalls I have ever experienced. Krushuna Falls were very tall and boasted almost milky coloured water. The tourist paths took us very high up and we could even walk amongst the falls, having a refreshing break in the blistering heat.

After this wonderful time in central Bulgaria, we travelled 300km to the Black Sea coast. We drove via the Balkan mountains passes from the north to the south via the famous Shipka Pass and an old historical peak called Buzludzha. This was home to the Bulgarian Social Democratic Party and was the place of the final battle between Bulgarian rebels and the Ottoman Empire. This monument was somewhere I had heard of prior to our trip and was spectacular to see. It was located 1400 meters high and boasted amazing views of surrounding towns as well as the Shipka peak. The UFO-shaped building felt very intimidating and as a documentary photographer I was intrigued to visit this disused abandoned site. Unfortunately I did not make it inside but took may photos from a lower level.

Later that day we reached the beach town of Nesebar. Divided from the old town and the new, Nesebar (new town) hosts a large number of communist style tower blocks whereas the old town contains many ancient ruin churches and an old windmill. We spent three days there exploring the town and of course the warm sea! We treated ourselves to a massage on the beach and had a lot of fresh fish and lovely local drink.

Finally, on the last day of the holiday we ventured back to central Bulgaria to the Troyan Municipality. Here we visited Troyan Monastery, a beautiful old church which dates back to the 16th century with beautiful paintings and a lovely setting right in the valley of the Balkans. After this we travelled nearby to a small village called Beli Osam which translates to White River. Here we were invited to a Bulgarian wedding which was another wonderful way to experience Bulgarian tradition and culture. It was a night of celebration, drink, dance and a lot of fun!

During my first visit I learnt a lot about Bulgarian way of life. It is a very cheap place in terms of money. Most people did speak English but some of the older generation only spoke Bulgarian or Russian. It was great to have my girlfriend translate for me!

Below are photos which summarise Bulgaria! I recommend this beautiful country to all!


It has been a while since my last post. To be honest I have been really busy with work and other things for the last couple of months. Now that the days are getting longer and winter turns into spring, it feels like I have a few more hours in the day to do other things.

Work is going well, I am enjoying playing around with the new kit we are getting in. The Sony FS7 4K movie camera is the latest piece of camera gear to come to Direct. I very much look forward to the Canon 5Ds and 5Ds-R coming out this summer, I am sure we will be getting some at work and look forward to doing thorough tests on both those models.

At the moment I am half way through an archery course at Perivale Community Centre. I have done archery many times before and Scout camps, but it is really fun to learn about technique and the different types of bows and arrows available to archers.

Unfortunately we missed the recent eclipse here in London. The morning was darker than normal but all we could see was grey cloud bathing the skyline. I know the South West got a good view of the event.

So that’s all from me for now.

New year, new post

So here we are with the first month of 2015 already over half way finished. The year has started pretty well after a fantastic year last year, many achievements and experiences I had throughout 2014. Including graduating from university and becoming an uncle for the first time.

My job as Camera Technician at Direct Photographic is going really well with some very busy days ahead. It seems as though people have sobered up after Christmas and new year and all photographic shoots are full steam ahead! We have been sending out kit to all sorts of our usual clients, from individual commercial photographers to photographic studios and broadcasting companies.

So here’s hoping for a great 2015 and a good year in blogging!

Playing with the Canon EOS 1D C with a 24-70 f2.8 lens. Newquay, Cornwall
Playing with the Canon EOS 1D C with a 24-70 f2.8 lens. Newquay, Cornwall

Autumn update

As autumn turns into winter, we are full steam ahead towards Christmas!

It’s been a busy month at¬†this end, with the biggest news being my new job! My new role as Camera Technician at Direct Photographic, Waterloo is quite an exciting one. Direct Photographic is a rental company of camera and moving image equipment, from cameras to lighting. I get to handle all the camera kit and get items ready for hire to¬†big companies for large commercial shoots. I am really enjoying working in this new job, it is a fantastic way to meet new people in the same industry and play with some expensive kit!

In other news, I recently had the opportunity to assist a commercial photographer for a shoot. It has been many years since assisting the photographer directly, and it was a fun couple of days working alongside the photographer on the shoot and inputting my own ideas. The client was in music sales, writing instructional books for various instruments, from the Irish banjo to the ukulele.

In between working full time, Scouting has been full on this last month, and continues to be so for the rest of the year. We recently had our Remembrance Sunday parade where we had a turnout of over 150 people, which was most poignant for this year as we celebrate 100 years since WWl. The parade took place at our very own memorial based in the lovely rose garden at Paddington Recreation Ground in London.